Keegan Iowa


Terrorists have gotten increasingly worse in these last years. We need to acknowledge this and stop it.

Dear future President,

I want to address the issue of terrorism across the world and the country. I feel like that all the things that these groups do is awful. Like them capturing and decapitating innocent people for no reason except for money. ISIS is trying to terrorize the states and cause mayhem and issues, hence their name terrorists.

ISIS is a main and very well known terrorist group that has been around since 1999 but only recently have they been a lot more active in doing these horrible things like decapitating innocent people. One thing that we could do to stop this is kill the leader of ISIS, Abu Omar Al Baghdadi. I feel like this would be a good idea, because when you kill the queen bee in a nest all the bees have no one to follow anymore. This is the same concept with people.

Some things we can do to solve this problem is to watch them very closely. Get more spies and troops to defend, and make sure we have a tight seal on our borders so none of the terrorists can get into our country. This is just my opinion on the whole situation.