Mari S. Iowa

The Right to Life

It is hard to believe why many Americans believe in pro-choice values.

Dear Next President of the United States,

I am writing to you to express my concerns about the topic of abortion. This is a big issue in our country today, and I would like to share my opinion, along with some facts for you to consider.

An estimated 954,000 abortions were performed in 2014. That is 954,000 potential human lives. Those babies deserve to live, and they deserve a life just like every one of us. In my personal opinion, abortion is immoral and is the taking of a human life. I understand that those with pro-choice views believe the baby is a fetus that cannot live outside the womb. However, according to, it is scientific fact that life begins at conception. No civilization or society is okay with intentionally harming someone without punishment. An abortion is intentionally harming a human life. Also, an abortion can cause medical complications for the woman later in life. Chances of miscarriage and diseases increase.

In general, I believe that abortion is an example of our “throwaway” culture, in which things that are not easy or convenient get discarded without thought. While it would not be easy to be a single parent, I believe that our society and government should encourage family values and implement policies to support families and adoption. In today’s world where contraception is easily available, abortion should not be viewed as another form of birth control. Birth control is appropriate before the pregnancy ensues, not after.

While abortion is presented as a quick fix, the majority women who experience abortions have long lasting emotional and psychological scars that are not often discussed. This can lead to anxiety and depression, and cause problems later in life.

I am not only anti-abortion, but pro-life as well. Pro-life means supporting all forms of life, from its natural conception to its natural end. This means that life needs to be respected in the womb, as well as in all stages of life.

No matter what the mother’s reasoning is for believing this is the right choice, she needs to think about it again. Think about how it will affect their life and the lives around them. Abortion should not be an option. Abortion should not be deemed a “good alternative” to adoption. Abortion is ethically and morally wrong. 


Mari Stein

Okoboji High School

OHS College Comp I

A group of juniors and seniors at Okoboji High School in Northwest Iowa

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