Jackson P Georgia

Islamic ideologies and First World Countries

How Islamic ideas are not compatible with First World countries.

Dear Future President,

I am the next generation of Republican voters. Lately, we have seen the effects of Islamic terror attacks, at home and in Allied countries. I believe that Muslim ideologies are not compatible with first world countries.

In this new age of technology, terror organizations are able to contact people all over the world by the use of social media. This has caused more home grown terrorists than ever before. We can’t silence the voices of millions of Muslims, since it would violate the first amendment. If their “propaganda” gets too radical, we can do something about it. Options like cutting off internet access and putting said person on a terror watch list is always on the table, but the politicians we have now are doing nothing to stop it. Maybe you could be the presidency to eradicate home grown terror for the United States.

A study in 2015 found that forty percent of British Muslims want Shariah Law to be put in place of their current government. Putting Shariah Law in place would allow for the killing of gays and the restriction of women's rights, which includes the beating of women, not allowing women to drive or even own a business, and even not allowing them to walk out of the house without a man by their side.

Muslim and western relationships have been decreasing majorly since 2006, after the attacks in France because of the “offensive” comic of Muhammad. Spanish likability toward Muslims decreased from 49% to 26%. In Great Britain, which at the time had on the the highest likability toward Muslims, went down from 73% to 67% and still is plummeting till this day.

Islamic ideas are threatening the future of Americans and America’s interest/allies. If we continue to allow the spread of terror and if we do nothing to eradicate terror organizations it will change the way western countries live.


Jackson P