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Path For Immigrants to Become Citizens

It is very important to make immigrants become part of the U.S. Because the U.S is a country formed by immigrants.

Dear President of the United States,

I'm a student from Brooklyn International High School. I would like to represent the issues of accepting immigrants as part of the country. This is very important because of many reasons, U.S businesses and companies need more skilled workers, and we should be helping the undocumented immigrants in U.S, those who have persecution in their home countries, and treat the immigrants equal as citizens. By creating the path for immigrants to become citizens, I believe it can make the economy much better by making Immigrants become citizens and work in the U.S, this can make these immigrants paying taxes, and which make immigrants equal as citizens. It will make them devote their lives to the U.S, because they will be treated equally as a part of U.S. 

In my opinion, it is very important to have the policy that is helping the immigrants to become citizens as part of U.S. First, according to David Lightman of the McClatchy-Tribune, “U.S. businesses say they need foreign workers. They say there are not enough Americans to fill all the jobs.” This means that there are not enough Americans working in technology company. U.S businesses now need a lot of foreign workers that can work in the technology company and foreign workers are cheaper. Second, according to an article in Newsela, "More children entering U.S. without their parents," “She had to leave her hometown because a gang was making life difficult for her. Gang members were threatening to hurt her if she did not join them, she said.” This means that many immigrants came to U.S for a better life, because they might be threatened or persecuted back in their home country. Finally, according to Charles McConnell, “Sisa said the word has touched her life. When applying for a job, she was told she was an alien. She was asked if she was even allowed to try for the job.” This means that Belen Sisa she came to the United States for 15 years, but she still being called "alien". This makes her so hard to finding a job. It is lack of respect to the immigrants in the United States, because they are not even treated equally as the citizens, immigrants are considered as "aliens." Even though many immigrants have been lived in the United States for a long long time. So, it is very important to treat the immigrants equally and make the immigrants become citizens. 

In conclusion, by creating the path for immigrants to become citizens, it can make the economy much better by the immigrants working and paying taxes in the United States. It is necessary to accept and treat the immigrants equally because the United States is a country formed by immigrants. The only solution is to create the path to making the immigrants become citizens, this way can make all the immigrants equals as the citizens. This has to take place as soon as possible because it can make immigrants feel they are part of United States and it can help U.S get rid of debts faster by increasing the economy and to make the United States flourishing again.


A Student from Brooklyn International High School


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