Anna P. Wisconsin

Climate Change

Climate change has caused many problems for our living on planet Earth.

    Dear Future President

       Climate change did not become a political issue until the 1990s. Earth's climate has always changed; it is the rate of change that is of  concern to the scientists. Carbon is critical to the biosphere and must continue cycling to support life on Earth. Understanding the major greenhouse gases is necessary to identify the current trends in the atmosphere and climate change. Human activities have been linked with increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We need to change our way of living before it is too late. 

          Climate change has caused many problems for our living on planet Earth. A first cause is that  coal, oil, and natural gases are burnt so they release CO2 into the atmosphere. Another cause is the changes in greenhouses affects the amount of heat in earth's atmosphere. Climate change has also caused changes in the reflectivity of the surface. Lastly is has caused the winter and the summer solstice effect the earth. Climate change has caused many problems and the only way to fix it, is for us people living on Earth to take charge and reduce our use of burning natural gases. 

         There are many effects in climate change that are changing earth. First is that glaciers have shrunk, and ice on rivers and lakes are breaking earlier. Another effect is that the ranges of plants and animals have changed. Also, it has effected how the trees and flower blooming starts sooner.  It has also effected how the temperatures are changing and now sea levels are rising. Lastly, it has caused stronger hurricanes and severe heat waves and longer growing seasons for crops. These are only some effects of climate change; just imagine what else is going to happen if we don't change our ways soon. 

         There are many solutions to climate change that all of the human population can take charge in. First, we can boost energy efficiency. Next, we can phase out fossil fuel electricity. Then we could develop and deploy a new low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies.  We can also rev up renewables and eliminate the burning of coal, oil, and eventually natural gas. We need to stop cutting down trees/ deforestation to help fix the climate change. Lastly we can unplug (Cut down electricity use), walk or ride your bike more, insulate and seal your home. If everyone did at least one of these we could see a change in climate change. 

       Where do we go from here?  People should use less energy and stop producing greenhouse gases. β€œIn 2009, total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States were 6,575.5 million metric tons carbon equivalent, according to 2011 estimates published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Of this total, 5,359.6 million metric tons, or 81.5%, was due to carbon emissions from the combustion of energy fuels.” If people cut down on energy, less CO2 will be released and hopefully lower the temperature.