jimecia c. Pennsylvania


Poverty in the US

Dear Next President,

The United States population is 320,090,857 persons. Out of that number 46.7 million persons are living in poverty. Poverty is an epidemic situation in America that needs to be corrected. Given that 46.7 million of people in America are suffering from poverty, that government should develop policies ensuring these citizens employment in order to sustain themselves and families. People should have a chance to have jobs, homes and education so that they can live a normal american life like others.

Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. In the year 2012 the official poverty rate was 14.5% down from 15.0% in 2012. This was the first decrease in poverty rate since 2006. In 2003 there were 45.3 million people in poverty.4.6 million (10%)seniors 65 and older were in poverty.15.5 million (21%) children under the age of 18 were in in poverty.While the poverty rate for the population as whole is 13.5% the rate varies greatly by race. Blacks have the highest rate at 24.1% and Non-Hispanic Whites the lowest at 9%. The poverty rate for Blacks and more than double that of Non-Hispanic Whites. Not having the ability to provide for your family is very frustrating. People see poverty as a one-sided situation which is wrong because anybody can live in poverty.People living in poverty are suffering from diseases, starvation and obesity etc. Poverty is also important because they are people who living in poverty that is unable receive an education because of the way they live. In addition to that their opportunity for collecting food stamps are no longer available.

Some offers welfare , insurance and food drive. Furthermore to help the people living in poverty cut the budget of gas, taxes and bills. Dear Next President , please hear the pleas of the children suffering in poverty who would gladly accept the opportunity to become someone better in life and provide for their families. Provide shelters, jobs school so that they can start their life with a push forward to succeed in life.

  Jimecia Cameron