Alana S. Minnesota

Put a stop to Homelessness

This letter is about homelessness and how we need to find a way to help the community, and help them to get food,clothes and shelter. We need to help them get into a safe environment.

Dear Future President,

We need to figure out a solution to get homeless people off the streets and into a safe environment. There are way too many homeless people out on the street trying to find a good meal,clothes and shelter. They are people just like everyone else in this world and they should be treated fairly not like a piece of trash we need to reach out to the community and somehow get them on their feet.

There are over 560,000 homeless people in the US, 48,000 are veterans. Is this really how we repay them after they fought for our country? I mean seriously this is ridiculous. And then there are elderly people who are vulnerable on these street. It's dangerous for their welfare because they can't see,hear,or have as much strength as when they were young, knowing that they aren't exactly on point anymore that makes them targets for example if a 25 year old likes something of theirs, it might not be hard at getting it if they beat or push them for what they want. I mean getting people off the streets would ensure more safety for people. We need to find a solution to this madness and the USA needs to come up with a couple of things to prevent people staying in the cold and to help them find shelters and food.

Now let's actually talk about these shelters. In Memphis, there is an entrance fee of $7 and if the person is living on the streets with no job, no shelter,and no food what makes you think they can pay a $7 entrance fee. $7 for a homeless person is a lot of money to most,they could possibly get food with it but instead they paid $7 for one night from 8:30 Pm to 6:30Am. I don't understand how you could cheat a homeless person out of their money,they wouldn't be there if they could afford a place to stay. You need to take off that entrance fee and if you won't do that then lower the price to a reasonable price like $2.

700 people die a year from hypothermia but they also die from freezing to death by not being prepared for the weather, but you can still charge them for staying one night? I mean they are just trying not to freeze to death.

There are over 560,000 homeless people 25% of the homeless population is mentally ill , 48,000 are veterans and, 15,156 people are homeless families little kids are out there cold and hungry. The rest mostly have struggled with some type of substance abuse or addiction problems like gambling.

These people have been treated like trash, like they are worth nothing. We need more shelters, food and support for these people.

Now food is hard to come by or at least hard to find ok food to consume. I believe that food stamps should be provided for every person who stays in a shelter that night. You need food to survive, if you have to charge them one night at a shelter they should be able to get food that night and a couple food stamps. We should be able to provide these things for them.

In conclusion I believe that the U.S. should be building more shelters because there are people every day going to shelters as there waiting in a long line just to see if they can get a room that night, and as the rooms fill up, the rest of the people are sent off and asked to try again tomorrow and that's not good enough. We need more shelters for these people. These people didn't ask for this difficult life. We can at least afford one meal a day and a room. Please, we need change for this community, we must help them.


Alana Sayers 

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis - Hours 2 and 3

This is a sophomore honors class at St. Paul Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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