Shaliyah C. Mississippi

Mississippi's Education,What Education?

Mississippi's education dilemma is due to poverty and the lack of racial equality. The future president could be the resolution to all of these problems.

Dear Future President.

         In the United States Mississippi is known as the hospitality state and also the conservative state. Mississippi has always been the last to pass laws and to not accept certain beliefs or ideas. Mississppi has yet to accept same-sex marriages and other "unchristian" beliefs. This is mainly because of the education system and the authorities over the state. Mississippi is ranked last in the National Survey of Educational Performance, the state is made up of only 37% African Americans, and Mississippi is ranked 51 in the poverty level of the United States. African Americans are looked at as ignorant individuals that can't succeed in the educational field and poverty causes lower educational standards because the lower class fails to have the same resources as the rich elite.

        With Mississippi being ranked last in the National Survey of Educational Performanceleaders of education should push to change that substandard ranking. Because Mississippi is a conservative state, the educational standards will remain the same because changes in Mississippi are looked at as negative or unnecessary when in reality the changes are badly needed. Students in Mississippi have fallen behind in the educational field because of the lack of an educational initiative. Mississippi's citizens miss out on better qualifying jobs in other states because of little experience in a certain field that another student would've received in middle school. 

        African Americans make up 37% of Mississippi's population, which makes sense because Mississippi was the leading state that approved slavery. African Americans aren't given a voice in the political side of decisions because Caucasians dominate a majority of decisions made in the state. Decisions that are made in any state should be done fairly instead of racially. There are cities  in Mississippi that don't accept African Americans and that's dangerous, but it also lowers African American's chances of providing their input in the state's decisions towards education, equality, job opportunities,etc. 

        Poverty in Mississippi is a major issue and that is because of the lack of jobs in the state. There are more citizens than jobs; therefore, poverty becomes an on going issue. A solution to poverty would be to bring higher paying jobs into the state. It isn't fair for children to fall behind in school because their parents can't  afford to further their child's education. 

        Even though some might believe that Mississippi has no hope in the bettering of the education system, I believe that this situation can be solved with the help of the future president. With effort and determination the goals in the educational system can be attained if citizens of Mississippi and the future president of our country are willing to work together. 


Shaliyah C.