Lashun S. Mississippi

Stop Child Abuse

Children who are victims to child abuse aren't living the "American Dream". It should be stopped because everyone should live happily and shouldn't be abused at all.

Dear Future President,   

              A big problem in the U.S is kids dealing with child abuse. Child abuse is basically tough love taken to the extreme. Kids all across the nation get physically and mentally abused not only by their parents and guardians, but also by other adults in their surroundings. Child Abuse can be stopped by law making and making programs for kids in which they'd be informed about child abuse and how they can protect themselves from child abuse.

              If Congress passes a law making child abuse illegal then that would be a fear factor for those who commit child abuse. If someone's threatened to be put in jail then they're less likely to commit it.  Harsh punishment or a lot of jail time would intimidate people so that they wouldn't commit this abuse. Child abuse can cause later adulthood complications to victimized children. According to, children who are victims of child abuse are more at risk of suicidal thoughts in later adulthood.

              Parents who abuse their children may not understand how bad of an impact that they've made on their children. Maybe these parents are just trying to relieve their stresses as parent figures. These stresses could be having to pay the bills, getting jobs, taking care of the kids, and so on. A parent education program could be useful to some parents. Maybe, it could help them relieve their stresses in an unharmful way. 

              These are just some suggestions to help solve child abuse. Putting parents in the know of child abuse could prevent them from committing it and putting people in jail for committing child abuse could be a fear tactic to keep others from doing it. 


                                                                                                                                             Lashun S.