Moustafa Pennsylvania

Gun Control

We need more gun control for our safety.

November 5, 2016

Sir/Madame President,

Dear Mr/Mrs we want our country safe not only from crimes but from people who carry guns around. We have in the U.S.A. the highest rates of shooting deaths in the world. It has become a problem because some of us think that we should carry guns around in the streets and people should carry guns at work and children should carry guns at schools. I support the need for more gun control laws.

We need to feel safe in our country, state or wherever we live but how can we feel safe if we know that everyone around us is carrying a gun and can use it at any moment? Secondly if we bother anyone with a gun they may threaten us with a gun or even shoot us with it. Is this safety for us? In 2015 there was about 372 mass shootings and that is more than 1 mass shooting a day mostly. They were done at parties, nightclubs or at houses of people.

What is the reason that we carry guns around? We nearly buy and sell guns like 3,458,163 pistols ,792,839 revolvers ,3,582,163 rifles and much more per year. That is a huge risk of putting the lives of our children and people around in danger of wrongly used guns. More importantly if we carry guns around we feel more afraid than safe. What if we were forced to use the guns we have with us and not to mention if we carrying guns around it makes us more afraid to contact with people for our fear of them using the guns at us.

We also should have more rules for those who buy guns. Only military and hunters or those who use guns in their job or as a sport should have an approved license to buy such firearms. Also gun merchants should have very strict rules for their stocks. According to a News Week survey in one of the prisons 10% of the arrested males had a legal gun when arrested but there were 90% who were arrested with an illegal gun which means that the focus on the stocks in the USA is essential to secure our country.

Again we need gun control for our country and states to be a safe place to live and and we have to feel safe.Why do we carry guns around? finally we should have more rules and laws regarding selling and buying guns only from people who have a reason to carry guns around.


Moustafa Galal