Luke California

Conservative Immigration Reform

Dear Future President,

The U.S. should change its policy toward both its northern and southern borders, so that our borders are more strictly enforced, including the use of military weapons and personnel to better protect the U.S.’s delicate economy and its citizens from potentially harmful contraband and illegal immigrants. This includes changing our country's stance on foreign policy to a conservative stance to not only protect its best interests, but to also help other countries that are in need of our assistance if it is rightfully justified.

The United States government historically has made some very good decisions when it comes to foreign policy and some very bad ones as well, such as the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary. Nowadays, many Republicans would say that we are on the bad side of foreign policy. This is very apparent because the jobs of hard working natural and naturalized Americans are being taken through loopholes by foreigners. This in itself is a problem and is just one of the many due to the lack of conservative immigration reform.

Another problem that is caused by flawed immigration policy is weak border control which is the core of immigration policy. Because if the borders don't get the proper attention that they need for our great country to continue to prosper we will be in a even greater world of hurt than we are now. What is this so called “attention” that our borders need? It's quite simply something called immigration reform, actual immigration reform. In other words we need to up immigration requirements and more strongly enforce our borders against the cartels and illegal immigrants both of which could be carrying contraband that could be not only hurtful to our economy but also to our youth and general population. The measures we could do indirectly and directly are endless but to do those we first need to change what is the root of all these problems that have plagued our country for decades. To do this certain legal measures would have to be passed.  To those who are skeptical if this is the right course of action, let's just say that if these measures (like the use of military along borders, adding an immigration screening process, and funding operations to combat the cartels to name a select few) are not employed our economy is not going to get better anytime soon.

Other big issues that are debated in the political arena that is caused by feeble foreign policy is higher taxes (caused by giving illegal immigrants amnesty),  and a higher unemployment rate (both because illegals come in poverty stricken and because they take up American jobs, decrease the value of unskilled and low skilled labor, worsening labor conditions, etc. These are real facts and more importantly real reasons why the United States should limit the amount of legal immigrants coming into the United sSates, and crack down on illegals who are not only a threat to our economy, and population's health, but also a threat to our national security since they weaken our government by making themselves dependent on us.

Some pushovers who are liberal on foreign policy would like you to think that keeping our borders open is the right thing to do for our country. Like in the book Who are we? The Challenges to America's National Identity by the late Samuel P. Huntington. Some critics believe Huntington to be invalid since “America's founders were not immigrants, but settlers, since British settlers who came to North America to establish a new society, as opposed to migrating from one existing society to another one as immigrants do.” You may be sitting there dumbfounded asking yourself what does this have to do with border policy? Well it’s actually quite important since it not only justifies border policy (since our country can’t be considered hypocrites), but it also puts to rest the argument that we can’t close/ partially close the border “because that would be like destroying a huge part of our country's heritage”

Yet another reason to enforce the United States borders more strictly especially with military personnel is not only will it create new jobs and help to protect existing ones, it will also help protect our communities from: potential terrorists, foreign criminals, illegal narcotics and the crime and violence associated with it, unregistered firearms, and possibly even invasion.

The United States is an amazing country but she like everything else in this strange world is not without imperfections. But that in itself is what make a democracy so beautiful because it allows for change. And change is exactly what this country needs for both its mainland borders both to the north with Canada and especially to the south with Mexico. This is because in numerous ways the combination of rampant crime and the overall negligence of the Mexican government has caused so many problems in the U.S. that there are simply too many cases to count.Though probably the most infamous of all these problems which is also undoubtedly the worst is the Colombian cartels. This has been a major problem for the United States since the 1980s. Mainly because the cartels wreak havoc on our people's health by providing them harmful drugs, they also hurt our economy because they are the ones sending a good portion of illegal immigrants into our nation.

If the United States changes our foreign policy, specifically border policy, they should do it in a specific fashion. First off, cross border commerce should continue as long as certain laws are in place to prevent smuggling of illegal products and people. Second, the border should be more heavily guarded by both military personnel and border patrol agents. Thirdly, legal immigration should be on a limited basis, meaning that we only allow permanent immigration to people who could be of value to the United States such as people with a high level of education. Fourthly, no illegal immigrants should be admitted to the United sStes, unless they are temporary political refugees or are highly educated. Fifthly the border should be actually reinforced to prevent illegals from breaking through it. Lastly, the use of military firearms should be permitted when the situations demands it.

Another big part of Immigration Reform that is extremely controversial nowadays is deportation. Especially since Donald Trump went on that racist rant about how he is going to deport all Mexicans and make Mexico build “the wall” along the Unites States Southern Border with Mexico and even possibly the rest as well. Regardless of that randomness though, the right way to go about deportation problem is to basically go about it as we usually have in the past with a few changes in policy. First off illegals who are convicted felons and/or potentially harmful to our country in any major way should indefinitely be prioritized first for deportation. Secondly, religion should not be a factor in the deportation process as that is discriminatory. Thirdly, the United States government should give amnesty only to legals and to illegal immigrants who prove to be of significant importance and/ or of value, such as high education. Fourthly, all immigrants will be treated with the respect of a human being while being deported unless power needs to be exerted to show who is in charge (U.S. Government) which is very standard. Fifthly, all immigrant families should not be broken up and children who are born in the U.S. to an  illegal immigrant father and mother should not be given citizenship. Lastly all immigrants who have already been given citizenship cannot have it revoked and should continue to have the same rights as every other American citizen.

Another thing that should be done about the borders is building them up, but they shouldn't be over built such as in the flamboyant suggestions made by Donald Trump in the Republican debate. Instead, the United States should have it be built moderately to the point where permeation is unlikely, but not to the point to where the border's new wall could become a major economic burden. What this means is that a wall along the Mexican border especially would be a great idea, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the United States when it come to foreign policy.

The American Government should also fight these problem before they even happen. A great example of this as previously mentioned is the Colombian Cartels. These Malefic human beings should be blown from the face of this Earth. In other words the U.S. Federal Government should deploy troops against these sinful people because it is our moral obligation as a world power to help protect our own people and the people of other countries from the dangerous effects of these drugs on their bodies and their wallets.

In essence the United States borders won’t get much better without significant changes in our country's foreign policy. This is mainly due to the fact that foreign policy and immigration reform are two political subjects that are intertwined in many different ways. Examples of this include border policy, deportation, etc.

The ways the United States could go to fix these seemingly simple. yet morally complex political problems in many ways. But the Federal Government should do it in a way that upholds both certain conservative and liberal views so our country finally will prosper from the best of both worlds. In another way of speaking, we should hold to our country's core beliefs, but exceptions should be made when it is deemed to be highly beneficial to our country and its currently feeble economy.

Some silly people who are Liberal on immigration would like you to think that our country is a country built by immigrants, but this simply is no longer true. That is mainly due to the fact that, yes we were a country built by immigrants and we do have a vast array of cultural and ethnic diversity in the United States but a vast majority of those people are considered Americans and forfeited their families citizenship in their native countries to adopt the United States as their home. This is why the Liberal justification to keep the borders open because we are a country that is made up of immigrants is just plain wrong. We are a country made up of Americans no matter where your family was originally from.