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This is about immigration issues in the United States.

Dear The President Of The United States,

I would like to address the concern for immigration, and questions I have about it. Firstly, it is fact that immigrants have to go through paper work and get a green card in order to live in the united states. We all know that there is a lot of illegal immigration that happens. Whether it's bad or good is a matter of opinion. Yes, I agree that it fills jobs that US citizens do not take. But the U.S. has a high unemployed rate. I think we should convince unemployed Americans to take jobs in order to not live off too much welfare. Someone can argue that immigrants take the chance of people having jobs.

In 1882 America passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in order to stop a lot of chinese workers from entering the US. It was claimed that too many of them were coming in a taking jobs. Then in 1911 immigrants were reduced and kicked out of the country. Is that something you are thinking of doing if immigration? Do you think it would help?

Later in 1952, America relaxed the restrictions on Asian immigration. It seems that since then there has been a lot of illegal immigration, causing America in a money crisis. Too many immigrants are taking welfare and healthcare opportunities. Why should immigrants have to pay less for these bills than American citizens. I think they should pay the same amount.

Another point I would like to make is, why make a test for immigrants to be a citizen when there is stuff we don't learn that's on there. Yes I believe that you should know a bit about our country if you want to live here, but the test is too hard. I thinks its to stop so many immigrants from coming. If that's the case, don't you think you should come up with a more efficient plan that even Americans can do. If immigrants find out that an American can struggle on the test it could create a whole uproar. America would seem unfair? Or that's how some see it. I agree that immigration is a problem, but America was created from immigrants. We should be more welcoming to immigrant, but make sure they hold up their finacle end of the deal, and pay taxes, health insurance, and not rely on welfare so much. That means that they are only using our country to drain money, is how some see it. I think things should be fair between Citizens and immigrants, I mean, all of us are people. We all deserve a chance to be treated like a person.

But yes, why does an immigrant get treated better then a citizen. That is the unfair part. We need to handle our own countries need first before we help other countries. Yes it is nice to help people but for example: If i broke my leg and can't walk, but I see the person next to me has a broken leg, I can't say β€œhey let me lift you up and carry you to help you walk.” If I can't even get off the ground from my broken leg how am I carrying that person. It won't ruin our relations with other countries because they also think about themselves before the US. We need to pay attention to our money problems, before we accept more immigrants to help out financially. I think the other countries will understand. If we limit the immigration some will think its wrong, some will think it's right, But what will help out America financially? Thank you for running our country, I hope you make good decisions.


A former student of Philadelphia PA

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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