Rylee R. Oklahoma


Importance of immigration policies for Americans.

Dear Future President,

As a nation, we will all be affected by whatever laws are put into play but at the utmost importance I think immigration policies should be the first to be taken care of. The safety and protection of our citizens should be the number one priority. We can't allow people of unknown background into our country because of all the recent terrorist attacks across the world. The idea of removing illegal immigrants out of our country seems to be a good idea but I think it needs to also have another side to it. If the persona has not given a reason to be removed, I think those individuals should be given a fair opportunity to gain citizenship. The diversity within our country is great but we cannot be too lenient on immigration policies because of the threat of terrorism. The safety of our own citizens is the most important factor when dealing with immigration policies and I hope that is always remembered.


Rylee Rose