Allie S.



Letter to the Next President

Dear New President,

I am writing to you about the issue of abortion. In my opinion, abortion is wrong. I am pro-life, mainly because I am Catholic and my faith teaches us to respect life at all stages. I am pro-life for other reasons too. I am adopted, and if abortion was free, I might not be here. Six years ago, my best friend´s mom lost her baby when she was at twenty-four weeks. She was a stillborn, and they baptised her and had a funeral. She could fit in the palm of your hand. I would not wish that horrific experience upon anyone. I am requesting that there is either a harsh punishment for having an abortion, or making abortion illegal as a whole. Though the Supreme Court said that abortion is a ¨Fundamental Right”, it is murder. Women should be able to make choices for their own body, but life starts at conception, and though a baby is inside them, it is not their life. Even though personhood starts when the baby can live outside of the womb, fetuses feel pain when in the abortion process. Professional abortion reduces the amount of maternal injuries, but it is practically murder, which is against God´s will. Accoring to advanced abortions are physically safe, but any abortion causes mental damage to the mother. Abortion decreases the adoption rate, therefore adoption agencies would go bankrupt, and more kids would be put in foster-care. An unwanted baby is a bad thing, but as my friend always says, ¨adoption is an option.¨ Many doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, an oath in which they promise not to perform an abortion. Abortion shows young children that life is not important if the life is young, which could result in more murders or school shootings. It's easy to not get an abortion, especially if young girls are educated enough to not have to even consider one. When women get an abortion it is equally or more painful than the process of labor. ¨5 more minutes of pain for a lifetime of happiness.¨ rather than 5 more minutes of pain for a lifetime of sorrow and regret.


A concerned student