N Massachusetts

Criminal Injustice

I believe that a very important matter is criminal injustice. I believe this for many reasons and many which include racism, and inequality.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

This topic is important to me because I can see how sometimes crimes can be justified to have a less brutal punishment. Also it is important to me because there are some crimes that are understandable and sometimes necessary considering their choices. There are many examples of this and other form of injustice towards criminals. Also, prison is supposed to set people straight and prevent them from committing more crimes, but all it does now, is provoke violence which doesn’t help.

One example of this is that often based on many cases, including that of Dequan Jackson who was arrested and sentenced to parole but his family is poor so they couldn’t pay the fine for the parole and his parole was extended. This example along with many others is unfair and does not help the people guilty or innocent of the crime.

My call to action is for all of the reasons I have already said and that there are many people victims of criminal injustice. The entire reason for prison being forgotten and the unfair punishments based on race or gender are the main reasons I chose this topic.