luena t. Massachusetts

Police Brutality

Police Brutality

Dear President,

My name is Luena Teixeira and I'm a Junior in Boston public schools. I play soccer for my school and I enjoy it so much. I'll be graduating in 2018 and my goal is to continue with my education. I enjoy helping people and making them feel like they're somebody because they are. I always wanted everyone to fit in with each other no matter what. My topic is about how some  police are treating others just because they feel like they have power  to.

 However, it doesn't mean that they have to treat them like an animal. For example, just because they have nothing to do doesn't mean they have to stop someone and make someone follow what they say.  And when the victim does not follow their rules they decide to shot them or kick them or drag them around and who is injure the victim no nobody else and guess who not getting a justice the victim.

The police will not lose their job however there is  a family out there that lost their family member because a police shot them for no reason and they can't get justice because the police have a badge.  But why does it matter ? My position is anger and disgust because how are we going to let it  happen  to so many people but nobody is doing anything to change this.

 It's important  to me because I want to make justice for all the innocent people. They should have the right to talk and defend themselves too. This issue should be important because we should start to look at it now because it's happening now in our generation in our time.

 It's real and it's happening in front of our face. If you want to be our next president and you want to make AMERICA BETTER AGAIN you should think about whats better for our country and your people.