Jenna M. Massachusetts


Dear Madam or Mr. President, My name is Jenna, and I am 13 years old. Although there are many other letters with the same topic, I find animal abuse to be a really important topic that needs attention. My family recently adopted a dog, who was found abandoned with puppies, which gave me the inspiration to write this letter. I also saw this organization called Animals Hope and Wellness where this group goes around the world trying to shut down animal slaughter houses. They post pictures of the conditions the animals live in, and how the animals are treated. Although Congress has seen a video the Animal Hope and Wellness has presented, I still want to raise awareness to you, and America. Animals are very important to me, and since they don’t have a voice, I am going to be theirs. The most common animal abuse is to dogs, followed by cats, and then other animals According to Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats 70.1% of animal abuse in the U.S. are too dogs, 20.9% of animal abuse in the U.S. is to cats, and 24.1% of abuse in the U.S are to other animals. Dogs are put in illegal dog fights formed by organizations. According to Animal Abuse is a people problem 10,000 dogs die in illegal dog fighting each year. Most animal shelters do not check what kind of home an animal is going to, so some animals are going to abusive homes. People have no trouble taking their anger out on a dog. Animal Abuse is a people problem says that 70% of animal abusers also have criminal records, Mostly violent records. 3.4 million dogs and cats get euthanized every year even though they are healthy and are eligible to be adopted. They are put to death for doing what? Living? It is not reasonable to put an innocent animal to death. Secondly, 1.13 million animals are used for research and testing. Scientists use these animals to test trifle things like cosmetic products, but then again, some are used for medicines which is still bad. When bringing this situation to other people the most common response is “Well, would you rather have humans tested?” And although I don’t support humans getting tested, I think animals should not be tested either. After all, these cosmetics, and medicines are for us so why should they have to suffer to benefit us? They are animals, and so are humans. They are kept in cages, all day, all the time, with no room to run free. People think that Animals lives are less valuable compared to a human's. If an animal bites a human, they could be put to death as punishment. But if a human torture an animal, they will get fined, and their dog would be taken away from them. They might get fined, but it’s not as bad as getting killed for it. Obviously, we can’t change animal abuse suddenly, and there are still people who are going to abuse animals. At first, I think you should raise more awareness. You are the people this country looks up at. By raising awareness, people will start to pay attention to this issue. Secondly I think it would be a good idea for all shelters to have to check people who are going to adopt, what kind of conditions the animal would go to, and pay more attention. At Last hope K9, there are people who do interviews for the people who want to adopt the animals. I thought this was a good idea because they would decline letting the person adopt if there was any sign of danger for the animal. I think not being as lenient on this topic would be useful. Try to sympathize, how would you feel if you were a person with no voice, who had all their rights stripped, was locked up all day, and couldn’t do anything about it?

Sincerely Jenna Masuoka