Hilda G. Missouri

"Is Believing Wrong?"

An animal shouldn't be an object for you to take your anger out on whenever you feel like it.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

  I'm a freshmen in high-school who is looking forward to what you’re bringing to this country for the next four years, however, I am concerned on an upcoming topic of mine.

An average of 3.9 million animals are abused worldwide.

  The fact that the numbers are so high, means that no one is making an effort to stop it. We as individuals can take part into stopping animal abuse by looking into the adopters background. Let's take this female dog for example, her name was Kira. She was skinny, dirty, chained up, and hurt. When the shelter found and rescued Kira from the owners backyard, they told her new owners that she was scared and wouldn't let anyone near her. They helped Kira and now she lives with a new family who treats her very well. The previous owners who were inhumane towards Kira weren't fully researched, making it easier for them to do what they wanted with her. We can also have the animal shelters check in on the animals in their new homes once a week, or even a month. Essentially, I'm trying to say that it's important to involve other people, like the animal shelter, so that way we can reduce the abuse. My point is that participating in these kinds of methods can help even if in the slightest bit possible.

Imagine the dog

Who believed something would change

The dog that got neglected, starved, and hit

That dog who kept believing

But what she felt was pain, nothing but pain

When she looked up she could see blood on the owner's fingers

Imagine we are that dog who has nothing but hope.

   Animal abuse can happen in many ways such as neglect, hitting, and starving. According to the website PAWS, (an organization that helps injured, orphaned, and homeless animals), the reported abuse has mainly been neglect and physical abuse. PAWS has also stated that they do not have legal authorization to intervene on behalf of animals. If PAWS can't make a difference, then maybe you can.


A Student Who Believes 

Frontier STEM High School


The best third block class in the world. Yessir.

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