Brandon V. Missouri

Education importance

Dear Future President, The student education should be taken seriously. If students have to pay every year for college and textbooks and they don't have money for those things, are you just going to have them quit their education? Or are you going to help them finish school, so they can get a good diploma and good paying job? Are you going to let the next generation of kids go bankrupt to have an education, or the alternative; never have a good paying job because they can’t afford education? I am an 8th grade student at Camdenton School District in Camdenton Missouri and I don't like how we have to buy textbooks and required reading books when we are the ones that are supposed to be receiving a free public education. What if you couldn't buy the things you needed to buy because you and your family are poor and don't have as much money as others? Students already don't like to go to school, so why do we put another roadblock in their way by making them buy things that the teachers and school should be supplying for the students that attend school? Students need a shot at getting a good education and steady paying job because we are creating the future. Sincerely, Brandon Vance

Camdenton Middle School

Journalism ACI

An area of career interest class in which students research a variety of small and large scale news stories and write their own news articles. These articles are then published in the local newspaper, The Lake Sun. Students are also beginning to create news broadcasts of their stories to send to our local PBS station.

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