Danny G. Missouri


My claim is that immigration is bad for our country and can be dangerous


Dear Future President,

 My opinion about immigrants is "country first".  We do not need immigrants.  We have enough problems without letting immigrants into America. We need to send immigrants each back to where they came from, enforce our borders, and arm the border better so people cannot keep sneaking in.

According to the director of the FBI,  James Coney, the San Bernardino shooters were already plotting a mass murder attack on the United States before Taf Sheen Malik received the K-1 visa admitting her to the United States.  It's for this reason we shouldn’t let immigrants  in. Why take that chance?

I read an article in the New York Times, "Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U. S. Economy?" In that article it reported, "immigrant’s use public assistance, medical care, and schools. Some immigrant neighbor hoods have practically high crime rates."  Why should taxpayers have to pay for immigrants? Our parents do not want to have to pay for them and its obvious that they do not only cost us a bunch of money, but in highly immigrated towns, they cause trouble and have a higher crime rate.

In conclusion, I think immigration is bad for our country. I think immigrants are a bad thing on our society. They cost the taxpayers and they increase crime rate. Please, Future President, consider my advice and do not allow immigrants.