Manpreet T. Ohio

Make America Brighter

Post high school education in America should increase.

Dear future President,

As a student in the United States, I believe college is important. Even if there are other options for further education, they do not provide such a wide variety of careers. The U.S. has decreased in its college graduates. Colleges have so many advantages and it can make the nation more educated for the future generations. A low college graduation rate in America does not contribute to good jobs in communities, resulting in a dark future for America.

People who want to go to college face a lot of problems. Some problems of this issue are the cost of tuition, or sometimes it is because they are the first in their families to go to college. Some people even receive discouragement from adults or family members. It also could because of their background or even the fear of failure. In many households college is sometimes even thought as a waste of time or even non-accessible. All of those are examples of why people fear collage. But future president, college is important so why is so downgraded?

College is filled with great advantages. It educates and prepares young adults for their future. College even helps with getting jobs, because people with bachelor degrees are more likely to get better jobs than the people who have only high school degrees. More college graduates also means that as one we are improving. That also means that the young adults of today are the future leaders. So in years to come they will taking the jobs of doctors, lawyers, future educators, government officials and ect.. That means college can help individual careers and community success.

As the future president there is a lot that you could do like encourage children. Also you could lower college tuitions, maybe you could have better programs that don’t cost too much. From doing such things you can help many young adults with their future. I know that there’s community college and there's online colleges for a less price. But do you get the same quality of education? You don’t even get such great opportunities with such resources. Those choices don’t mean much after you take a look at the growing population of the U.S.. We are the third most populated country in the world, which means there's going to be a lot of people going to such colleges (online or community) and they're going to apply for the provided jobs. So if you have a variety of education then it will increase the chance of employment.

So it’s up to you future president ao the United States. Can you increase the college graduation rate in the U.S.? Is America going to be the best educated country in the world and a country with a bright future? Or will you just ignore this topic even more to the point in which America won’t be a great country. So what is your choice.


Manpreet Takhar

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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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