Jack K. Ohio

Animal Abuse

Animals should have the same rights as humans, they should have the same rights because they can think for themselves and can make their own decisions like we can.

Dear Future President,

I want to write to you about why animals should have the same rights as humans, all over America animals are being abused and mistreated for no reason what so ever. They are put in cages all day, never seeing the sun because they are being hoarded. “It’s been estimated that there are 900 to 2,000 new cases every year of animals hoarding in the US, with 250,000 falling victim” (11 Facts About Animal Cruelty). Animals are the same as humans and deserve the same rights as us. Animals should have the same rights as humans because they feel pain too and they can think for themselves just like we can.

Animal abuse needs to be limited because it hurts when someone hits you it hurts right?Well we all know you are gonna say yes, because it does hurt and it hurts animals too when you hit them. “The nature of pain is perhaps even more complex in animals. How pain is sensed and the physical processes behind this are remarkably similar and well conserved across mammals and humans” ( Nolan). This quote is saying that animals feel pain just like we do, which means we can abuse animals and think it’s morally okay because most people wouldn’t hit their kids like they will hit an animal.

Imagine sitting in a cage for hours upon hours, or being on a farm or in a warehouse where you can not move around because it’s too crowded. “The question is not ‘can they reason?’ nor ‘Can they talk?’ but ‘Can they suffer?’”(Singer). This quote is saying that animals can have the same emotional pain that us humans can have. Nobody would wanna sit in on a farm or in a warehouse where it’s too crowded move because there are too many other people there all waiting to get slaughtered.

People say that animals are not as sophisticated as humans are so they should not have the same rights as humans. Other people will say that there are more important problems and issues that money could go towards instead of animals. I would say that animals are important too though and they need rights just like we have rights. Animals can comprehend things but not like we can so that’s why they need rights.

I propose that you as the president should make some changes in office to help out animals and get the protection that they deserve. You can make more laws that make animals lives best by making changes in factories and farms to get them more food and space to live. You can also make laws to put people in jail for a long time who don’t follow the abuse animals, the factory, and the farm laws.

I want to thank you for reading my letter and i hope you make the changes that need to be made to help animals out. They need to be helped and i think you are the person to do it.


Jack K.                                                                              Work Cited

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