Sofia Maine


Women should be able to have access to abortion clinics.

Dear Future President,

I believe that you should do more to ensure that women should be able to have a safe and smart abortion and here’s why.

Every year (according to minnpost) 32,000 women get impregnated against their will and most of them can’t financially, physically or emotionally support a child.

Not only that, but imagine this, a 17 year old girl, who comes from an unfortunate household and she’s forced to move out and live on her own, she is barely supporting and feeding herself and she gets raped, a few weeks later, finds out she’s pregnant. What can she do? She can’t give birth to the baby because she has to finish school but she can’t abort it because all the clinics have closed down. So she tries an at-home abortion, it fails and she dies and so does the baby. You may think this is wild, and completely irrational thinking but this has happened. In fact, every year across the globe, 68,000 women die from unsafe abortions making it the leading cause of maternal death.

Some women’s bodies can’t handle bearing a child because they have medical issues or they’re simply too young to. If pregnancy wasn’t their choice, I don’t see why they would have to die for something like that. What if they wanted to finish school, or what if this absolutely absurd and crazy thought was, that they simply weren’t ready and or didn’t want a kid?

There’s absolutely no way to teach people not to rape, we can’t do that it’s impossible, now more than ever with the rise of mental illnesses in the US. But we CAN support victims and give them access to abortion clinics.

A lot of the arguments with this topic are based off of the worry for the unborn child’s wellbeing and feelings. But studies have shown that it takes 3-5 weeks of pregnancy before the fetus has a heartbeat, in my opinion that’s plenty of time to get an abortion. That is unless you find out after that time period that you will die during the pregnancy.

The child absolutely cannot feel any of the pains of an abortion before 20 weeks. Even then, the child is put under anesthesia and cannot feel anything.

Please consider this. Without abortion clinics or access to safe abortions, we will continue losing people to unsafe abortions. The deaths of these people will be on you, Mr./Mrs. President. Not anyone else.


Sofia Mae.