Paola Z. California


Many problems occur in this world, one of them being abortion and people wanting abortion to be illegal. If this were to happen it would have a negative impact on many women's lives.

 Dear Future President,

     Many problems, actually millions of problems are occurring in this world. One of these problems is abortion and by this I mean the fact that many in this world want to make it illegal. It should not be made illegal because a woman should have the choice to keep a baby or not to keep a baby especially if a woman isn’t financially prepared, if a woman is raped, or even if a woman makes one mistake, and everyone makes mistakes in life. Statistics show 51% of abortions are performed on women less than 25 years of age, which means women in teenage years or their early 20’s are the ones getting pregnant and women are still experiencing and learning about themselves and what life has to offer at this age so a mistake is made, it being sex, and in most cases there’s no financial stability at this age, how does one take care of a baby, if they can barely figure out one's own life? Adding on, another statistic shows about 32,000 pregnancies happen each year as a result of rape. Rape has a mental health impact on a woman, which leads to PTSD, depression, attempted suicides, substance abuse and many more unfortunately. If a woman is raped and is forced to keep a baby, while dealing with all these mental health problems and having a reminder with them 24/7, that they experienced this traumatizing event, it won't only be unhealthy for the woman having a baby, but also for the baby. If abortion does become illegal you’ll be affecting the lives of many. Mistakes and unfortunately harm does happen in this world so let us women be the judge of what we want and don’t want in our lives. 

       Not having the option to have an abortion can be life changing. A woman should always have the right to choose if they want to have an abortion, no, not all women choose to have an abortion, but at least they have a choice, a choice that any woman should have in their life. By taking away the option of not wanting to have a baby you are affecting many of the women in my community. How? You may ask, well let me tell you. As a young woman I’ve personally witnessed what many women and young women struggle with when being unprepared to have a baby. Specifically when they aren’t financially steady or have no love or respect for themselves. How will they bring another human into this world, if they can barely take care of themselves. Mistakes are made and if a woman feels that having a baby at that point in her life is not right, then she should have the choice to have an abortion. Dealing with personal experience, I, a young woman was sexually assaulted when I was only 14 years of age and dealing with the psychological harm it brought into my life and it still triggers, thankfully I did not get pregnant, but if I would have been pregnant or any of the woman whom go through this traumatic event and do get pregnant. The choice to have an abortion should be there because no one should bring a baby into this world in those conditions, it would just cause more harm not only to the victim, but to the baby as well. A woman who gets raped deals with physical and emotional pain and no baby would be getting the love or attention it needs in those conditions. No woman should feel a baby is a mistake, a regret of theirs, or in anyway a harm to the mother and no baby growing up should feel those things coming from a mother. A woman should have the choice of having an abortion and no other person should have a voice in that decision because no one ever knows what a woman has gone through or is going through to make that be their final decision, an abortion should be choice a woman should have.


Paola Z.