Bailey Ohio

Deportation of Immigrants

I think that the government should allow immigrants into our country only under certain circumstances.

Dear Future President,

A big political debate has been built around the deportation of immigrants. The deportation of immigrants is when immigrants are forced to move back to their own country, even if they have a green card. A green card is a piece of information that shows their accessibility in the country. This is important to me because, it has caused a great controversy in the world. Also because, I think that the immigrants should be treated the same way that we are. People should care because immigrants nearly makes up half of the U.S population. In this political debate, I think that the government should allow immigrants stay in the country only under certain circumstances because many of the immigrants have been living here most of their lives resulting in only knowing our ways of life and not their own.

I share a personal connection to this debate because of my family’s situation involving my aunt and her fiance’. Her fiance’ is an immigrant who came to the country at a young age with his brother, leaving his family behind. He moved to the country looking for a way to pursue his job career(s). Due to him being illegal in the country, my aunt and her fiance’ can’t have the wedding of their dream. But, marrying my aunt, gives him a higher chance of staying in the country, although there still is the chance of him having to flee.While my aunt's fiance’ and his brother live in the country their parents live back in Mexico. Due to the immigration law they are separated from each other. I believe that immigrants who have lived here most of their lives should be allowed to stay only under certain circumstances. I also believe that there is a solution to this problem that can be found without pulling families apart.

The act of the deportation is a constant threat to the immigrants no matter what the circumstances may be. In my eyes, family should never be separated or pulled apart. Family should always stay together. If the deportation of immigrants continue then they can potentially separate families. The deportation of immigrants first took place in 1798 and was named the the “Alien Act”. The act took place due to the outgrow of communication. Many of the causes of this act is due to the amount of taxes citizens have to pay in order to cover their welfare expenses. Due to the outbreak of the deportation of immigrants have left families separated. Children who have lost their guardian(s) due to this act often turn to self harm or start to develop changes in their behavior. In this case they often increase in the risk of having depression, sleepiness, or anxiety. Also, because the up grow population of the immigrants have resulted in the deportation of them. When immigrants live in the country and have committed crime here, often have a higher risk of being deported.

Many see immigrants as illegal trespassers and shouldn’t be granted with the opportunity to come into our country. Many people also believe that immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in the country due to the high rate of unemployment. However, many people believe that we should allow the immigrants into the country because it would cause a great economic growth for the country. Also, if we allow the immigrants access to the country then, it will bring diversity to different cultures which provides a better image for the U.S. Many people also believe that immigration to the country is a great thing but, a process needs to be followed when doing so. Immigrants bring new skills and innovation to the U.S. Also, immigration brings new food, ideas, tools, and other ways of living to the country.

Therefore, it is up to you Future President to make a great impact on these immigrants lives. You should allow immigrants into the country only under certain circumstances. The immigrants aren’t the main problem, the border could be stronger and protected by more security. I have an idea on how to make traveling to the country more efficiently and safely. In order for the immigrants to have the access to our country they should have to follow a series of background checks.

Sincerely, Bailey