Faith Montana


My letter is about abortion. I think abortion is a very awful thing. I think that abortion should be removed as an option for pregnant women.


Age 14

Billings, MT

Dear future president,

When you are elected president, you put your left hand on the bible. You are saying that to the best of your ability, you will protect all American citizens. But, If you keep letting abortion be legal, then you are doing a very poor job of protecting your citizens.

If I'm not mistaken, then the people who are pro choice have already been born. If their parents had decided to get an abortion, then they wouldn't even be here.

In the world today, you see all the signs that say save the trees or stop animal abuse. All of those things are great but what about the children. If lots of people decide to get an abortion then the next generation will get smaller then smaller until there is no one.

When the argument pro choice comes up, most people say that it's the mother's choice because it's her body. Technically it's the baby's body too, so why can't you give the baby a chance. You aren't even willing to let the child have a chance to live and to have a life. Another argument is that the baby is just an embryo until later on in the pregnancy, so it is not really murdering a baby. People always say that we have human rights, but what about the baby.

So what happens after you have an abortion? According to some of the babies are cremated, others are tossed in the trash, or shipped off in containers and sealed buckets to pathology labs to be tested. Think about if your parents didn't want you any more so they sent you off to be tested on.

The solution for this issue is i think that you should remove abortion as an option.

Adoption not Abortion

~ Faith

Billings Public Library

TB - Billings, MT

TB - Billings, MT

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