Jennifer H. North Carolina

Police Shootings

This letter is describing both sides to police shootings. Who is affected and what can be done.

Dear Future President,

Now that you are president I’m writing to you about the police shootings that have been going on. Police have been getting shot for multiple reasons. People are shooting at police because some people get scared and don’t know what else to do. Some are targeting police because the police have shot or put away their family members or friends. Black people especially are coming back and fighting police because of lost ones that they cared about. There are multiple reasons for shootings. There are many things that you can do.

Many people are affected by this situation on two sides, the friends and family of police and the friends and family of those who have been shot by police. I am also affected by this situation. I have a very close friend of mine whose dad is a police officer. He has texted me multiple times worried about his dad. His dad and I are also friends and to lose my best friends dad would be very hard on me and my friend. I don’t think that this can stop, but I do think it can ease up. The police also need to stop shooting at people for no reason. Many people and kids have gotten shot because police felt violated or unsafe. Just because police feel unsafe doesn't mean they can’t talk to these people and make sure everything is okay before you start shooting at people.

We can’t take guns away and out of the streets, but we can add more laws about how old you have to be, and if you don’t have a license then you shouldn't have a gun. Since you are president, I think you can encourage non-violence in this country. That’s one of the other problems. Kids grow up watching the president and watching all the wars. I think as president you can encourage peace. We shouldn't build boundaries with people. We should treat black people with the same respect and everyone else. All lives matter, but I’m not just saying that. If we all treated people with respect, then we wouldn't have this problem. Another way you can help is by letting people know that violence will not be tolerated and to enforce peace.

I think that with the help of many, of the shootings will not continue. Peace can happen and if you help support the police and all the people then the shootings will ease up. With your help we can make this world a better place. Not as many people will die and you will be a president remembered for helping the world and doing great things.