Bri B. Michigan

First Priority

immigration: The U.S government should make sure American citizens are taken care of before spending money and taking care of non U.S citizens.

First Priority

Dear Future President,

My name is Bri, I’m a caring fifthteen year old sophomore from a high school near Detroit, Michigan. I have strong feelings on immigration. Everyday more and more people come into our country, legal and illegal. The question I ask myself is how is it we as a country are allowing immigrants from foreign countries into our country, and we provide them with monetary benefits. Yet our veterans who have risked their lives for our country, rights, and freedom are struggling to get these same benefits. Why is this happening? With that being said, I strongly believe that the U.S government should make sure American citizens are taken care of before spending money and taking care of non U.S citizens.

People are constantly coming into our country. I have nothing against immigration. If people feel the need to make a change in their life, they should have the ability to do so, under the right circumstances. Lisa Boothe reported to Fox News on July 6th, “ One in four inmates are illegal immigrants.” That's twenty- five percent. We could save twenty- five percent of taxpayers money, that we now have to pay to house,and feed these immigrants, when we could be giving that money to our veterans who have stood strong and fought for our country. People don’t understand what is happening in our country today. We should be respecting and caring for our veterans, not our illegal immigrants that are now in jail.

As time goes on people pass away, babies are born, so on so fourth. There will always be diversity in our country which is wonderful, but the PEW Research Center states “ Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the United States.” This is proving there are going to be more immigrants in this country than Americans. These people might not seem to have a large impact on anything, but in reality they have a huge impact on politics, population, jobs, and other government provided benefits. These immigrants are going to have a larger impact on the United States of America than Americans. People are losing their jobs, and getting laid off because of people coming into our Country are willing to do the same job but at a lower wage.

When you're a citizen you have rights that you need to live up to. You have your simple Constitutional rights like rights of freedom, speech religion, press, education, and many more. One of the main rights is having the right to vote. As you all know you need to be of age which is eighteen years or older to be be able to vote. NPR reports “In 2010 that the majority of asian americans did not vote in the mid-term election because they said they were to busy.” I don’t believe that they are able to be American citizens but not vote because they were “too busy”. How long does it take you to vote 20 minutes tops. They could’ve made a large impact on our political race. They could’ve been the deciding factor in the race, who knows. If you are going to be a citizen of the United States of America I believe that you need to live up to you rights and respect the country as a whole.

I’m asking you Future president. Help change this country for the better. Let’s make border control more powerful so less illegal immigrants get across the border. Let’s have have better background checks on the people coming into our Country, and let’s make the American citizen our first priority. We can take it little by little, as slow as needed but let's make sure American citizens, especially those who have served in the Armed Forces are taken care of before we invest taxpayers money on illegal immigrants.


Bri B.



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