Jairus W. Michigan

Police Brutality in 2016

Recent police killings of African-Americans have sparked many protests around the country, as well as some attacks on officers.

Dear Next President,

Recent police killings of African-Americans have sparked many protests around the country, as well as some attacks on officers. Police brutality towards the community is outrageous because of the number of people affected by it.We should have regulations on police brutality. So my question is what are you going to do about it. In June of 2016 two african americans lost their lives at the hands of the police.This tragedy started an outrage resulting in the death of 8 officers and three were injured.These events started a riot Baton Rouge.In the past few years up to 250 african americans died because of police officers. The countless acts of violence and deaths need to be stopped.

In the article “Watching the Police” it states “In the fall of the past year the disclosure of the Chicago police records showed that more than 28,000 complaints of misconduct had been filed over four years and only 2 percent ever resulted in disciplinary action.”An example of this in 2008 police surrounded this older homeless man, why because people called the police saying the man had cocaine in his possession but in reality it was just sunflower seeds.The cops that surrounded him ended up brutally beating the man no questions asked.The officers beat him so bad he was loaded into an ambulance.The result is that the LAPD justified the officers saying they were trying to save the man's life, because they thought he had cocaine in his mouth.

All of these acts of police brutality has caused an outrage.Colin Kaepernick refused to stand up for the national anthem because he was protesting against police brutality.These events of police brutality has created a protest group named Black Lives Matter.

Police Brutality is wrong and it's just cops abusing their power and taking out their frustrations on other people.

Some people hate all cops because of the bad reputation that certain cops give when they take innocent lives.Innocent cops were killed because of other cops killing two african americans.

police brutality is wrong because it is innocent lives being hurt or even killed.All cops aren't bad but there are some who take it too far.

Watching The Police

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Police shootings and apparent reprisal attacks shock the nation

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