Sara M. Texas

Stricter Laws on Abortion

There should be stricter laws when dealing with abortion. Women should realize there are other options besides abortion. If we help them realize this there will be better happier families in this country.

Dear Future President,

It has come to my attention that many women in the United States have been committing abortion as if it was their only way out of giving birth. Many women have sex and when they find out they are pregnant they think their only option is the abortion process when in reality it isn’t. With a corporation on your part we can try and reduce the percentage of abortions and that way we can truly make this country a more suitable place. Women should be aware before having sex the consequences that come when having sex and some of these are that you may end up with an unexpected pregnancy that you may or may not want. Before having sex women should be aware of safe sex, and that this can come in both forms for males and females. For men it mostly comes as a condom and for women it is birth control pills. Many companies and television shows should try and promote these options so that they are more out there to the public to know about and try to reduce the abortion percentage. A large group of women do not know that oral consumption of a birth control pill has a 91-99 percent effectiveness that they will prevent a pregnancy. If a woman and was not aware of this at the moment or forgot to take it, and later find out that they are pregnant they may want to have an abortion because they simply don’t want a child, but i believe that as the next great leader of this country you should try and look more into finding out ways of how to help out women with thoughts like these. What causes many women to wanting to have an abortion is the lack a stability in their own lives. A Lot of women do not have a stable job or home so they believe that they cannot keep a baby in good conditions for much time. You can help these women by giving them a stable shelter under your custody or that of the government and for them to keep the government on track of how they are doing in their day to day lives and if that has help change their minds about abortion. So in conclusion women try to have an abortion because they believe just because they did not practice safe sex that they are alone in this new path that they have been led to, but with a little more research and a little more contribution of your part I believe that the percentage of women getting an abortion will decrease and the amount of more stable families will increase if you are willing to help.


Sara Montoya

Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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