Zackary Michigan

Under Funding Education

Schools in America are extremely underfunded and it is causing problems in America's future

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” A very powerful quote by Paul Brandy that is also true. But I think we can add to that. “You say we are the future but yet you under fund our schools.” Education truly is the future but if schools are underfunded it will lead to a less successful future in America. I believe that we can find new ways to fund our schools and save the education of America’s youth.

My school isn’t as poorly funded as some other schools in my area. Some schools spend their money unwisely, but that doesn’t take away from that. They don’t receive much money to begin with. Occasionally, when I attend other schools sporting events I enter the bathroom and it has completely broken mirrors and doors hanging off one hinge. So when schools spend money on classrooms the other basic needs like a cafeteria or courtyard in a school are not taken care of. My school has under 500 students and we rely on our teachers for support and personal issues. By cutting school budgets teachers leave to go somewhere else, increasing class sizes which impacts me and my fellow students.

According to the Huffington Post, state funding increases in schools are a lot less than correctional facilities. From 1986 to 2013 state funding has increased in schools by 69 percent. Correctional facilities spending in that time period was increased by 141 percent. Poor education leads to higher prison populations. By funding prisons and other correctional facilities more than public schools will just lead to more prisoners and start a never ending cycle unless we make a change.

According to Center on Budget and Policy Priorities the funding per student since 2008 is lower in 37 states. That includes Michigan where I currently live and attend school. In my home, the state of Michigan the funding per student has decreased by $572. The highest decrease is in Alabama where funding has decreased by $1,242 per student. That affects the 744,621 students that are currently in Alabama public schools.

Although this may seem like an overwhelming problem there are possible solutions. One possible solution is raising taxes in certain areas that need it the most. If governments are willing to raise tax dollars to fund high school sport facilities then we should be able to raise taxes to improve the education in schools. Another possible solution is designating more money in government budget towards education. Instead of bringing in more money you can take money from unimportant project or research and put it towards education.