Sophie W. Wisconsin

Suicide Increasing in Children's lives

Many people are turning to suicide as the only option, and that must be changed.

Dear Future President,

I believe that something should be done about suicide numbers increasing for people in each age group. The numbers are rising at a fast pace and someone powerful, with a voice, needs to change that, it really needs to be controlled. 

People are turning to suicide when they feel hopeless, useless, worthless, and when they can't see any other solutions to their problem(s), or issue(s). According to , teens and adults are committing/attempting suicide because of relationship issues, family problems, loss of a friend or family member, rejection, breakups, and failure. This a major issue because children struggling in school might think they are a failure and turn to suicide as "The only option." this is NOT the only option and many people don't understand that, they need help. From, i found that in just 2016, 42,773 people have lost their lives y turning to suicide. Of those 42,773 people, 21,334 have used a firearm to commit; 11,407 people have suffocated themselves; and 6,808 have used some source of poison, as in drugs, alcohol, or other substances/products to kill themselves. 

Too many people are left without anyone to talk to. We need you, someone who can make an impact, to help decrease the amount of suicides in every age group, especially teens. This is a very largely overlooked matter that needs to be taken care of. 


Sophie W.