Jacob Michigan


Cancer is a serious problem in the world.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Cancer is a serious problem in the world. It kills more than 1,500 people every day. This is a serious problem and you need to have oncologists work on this every day for at least nine hours a day. If you hold fundraisers, you will be able to make more money to research.With that money, you could pay them more, or increase the amounts of oncologists that are studying cancer. I want all oncologists to research this until it can be solved, even if it costs a trillion dollars. I would like you to fix this serious problem at least in the United States of America. Leukemia is an example of a serious cancer. It is sixth on the list of most cancer deaths caused. A friend I have named Eric had Leukemia, but he survived, fortunately. One of my neighbors that I know had to go through Chemotherapy and she lost almost all of her hair. Famous people who impact the world could have cancer. Wikipedia states that Malala has cancer.

Did you know that lack of exercise, obesity, or hormones can cause cancer. If someone in your family had or has cancer, you should probably go to your doctor and get a scan for cancer. That can be very unfortunate for some people. Some people with cancer will get insomnia easily. If you have insomnia, you could sleep late and or stay up very late. In just America, 14.5 million people died from cancer, and that could be 14.5 million people who could have had insomnia. In 50 years, 635 million people will be diagnosed with cancer. Future president, please fix all these diagnosis of cancer. For all you know, it could lead to another disease.

You can fix this problem easily. If you help me, we can easily fix this with science experiments. You can expand the leading cancer hospital to every state in America. This would make more people survive cancer, than die from cancer. If you increase the funding or the time for cancer research, you could fix this. Please help get rid of this problem.


Jacob S