Marcus T. Washington

Taxes Affecting Our Government

What should we do with our taxes?

November 04, 2016

Dear Next President:

Taxes are an important issue in the united states because it affects everyone, everyone is supposed to pay them. Taxes are used to help our country by building roads, funding hospitals, libraries, and schools. So who should pay what taxes and how much ?

“The IRS found that as you go from being merely wealthy (the 1 percent) to super-duper wealthy (the 0.001 percent), your average federal income tax rate actually goes down.” - Christopher Ingraham. We need to tax families that are already living in poverty with multiple children so they can actually be able to support themselves and their families. We need to cut taxes for smaller local businesses so they can have a chance to expand and grow their business which in long term would help the economy.

I personally don’t get taxed heavy like paying income taxes because I don’t have a job or drive yet but I pay smaller taxes for purchasing other things. Although it’s unfair for families similar to mine that don’t make tons of money and have children they have to take care of for the government to proceed to take money from them. I want to go to college and a university but it’s going to be expensive unless I get a scholarship obviously many people just get loans for school but after they get out for whatever degree they still have to get a job that fits their profession then have to pay all that money back while still trying to support themselves. Having rich people pay more taxes so we could have free college would be amazing and overall better for our economy because would have people that know how to do more than just work at mcdonalds and flip burgers.

We need to increase taxes on people that make money and reduce taxes on families that are living in poverty and have kids they have to take care of. We need to use that tax money to provide free college for people which I feel would overall benefit our economy.

Sincerely, Marcus