Angel H. Washington


A little concerned about the Mexican immigration policy

Dear Mr. Trump

I’m sure you get a lot of letters about this. And for good reason too I suppose. So I’ll just cut to the chase. My name is Angel Hernandez-Arias. I am a Mexican who was born here in the United States. Both my Mother and Father are immigrants who came here from Mexico. My parents fear that if you were to be elected as president, they would be forcibly sent back to Mexico, undoing all the work they have done for themselves and me and my little sister. I don’t want them to live in a country where they have to constantly fear the President of the United States of America. I’m also curious about this Wall you plan on building on the Mexican-American border. Why and how do expect Mexico pay for it. All I am asking, as a Mexican-American, is to give not just Mexican immigrants, but all immigrants. The opportunity to be able to apply for U.S citizenship quickly without having to go back to a nation that they fear.

From a concerned student. Angel