Cai P. Oregon

To the Future Leader of the World.

College is expensive, and college debt takes over.

Dear future leader of the world,

College; It is what we are all told will make us all successful. We are told that through the cost of it all, it will be worth it. Why is this ideology so firmly believed? People all over the country you know, and have charge over, aren’t even able to afford college. So many people are going through college that the well paying jobs that are so called ‘worth it’ can barely even pay off their schooling.

There is so much debt. According to the college board, the average fees for the 2015-2016 school year is $32,405 at private schools, $9,410 at public schools for instate tuition, and $23,893 for out of state tuition. Millions of the dollar colleges get is fully debt. There is an average student loan of over $350 per month. Student loans are pretty close to a lifetime bondage that you must pay for years.

There are people all over the world living on the costs of student loans. If people make that much a month, they aren’t going to survive. The average annual cost of living for an adult and 2 kids is $57,821. Student loans in addition to that add an extra $4 thousand on top of that. This is ridiculous. And for a parent to put a kid through college, they have to give up tons of money, for each kid. This is why so many people are choosing to not go to college. I wouldn’t be surprised if colleges all over started charging you your soul on top of that.

People all over the world suffer from this serious disease. It is called college debt. It is frequently a chronic disease, and lasts years upon years. It is a major problem in our society, and previous leaders have lied and said they were going to do something about this sickness, but they haven’t. Why are there so many school taxes that don’t necessarily go to schools?

Student loans are a major ruin in our society. They will take a big portion of your paycheck for years to come. There is not necessarily a way out of it, unless you work for either a non-profit or the gov’t.

If you are one of the nominees for president, and you are higher up in the polls, you probably went to college. You know how important college is for people. BUt people can’t afford this. Instead they get a disease. We don’t need this. Some of the most successful countries in the world have free colleges. This allows for more money for the people and more spending. A jumpstarted economy. Some of America’s most successful years have had cheap college. This helps people reach their potential to be the best they can be. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have policies for college debt, and how they are greatly going to reduce it. Will you follow your policies? Or not?

Dear future president, please fix this major problem. It is incredibly huge, and is the ruin of our economy. Every president has thought about economy, and this is a quick fix for it. Will you do what people have said they would do but didn’t? Or will you follow in the footsteps of predecessors? Don’t be like previous leaders.