Remington K. North Carolina

Problems of College Funds

Dear Future President, I know you have to deal with a lot of things that go on in our country. There are many important things that I would like to bring to your attention. For this letter though, I would like to bring up that not all people can fulfill their dreams. They can’t fulfill their dreams because they can't afford to go to collage for what they want to be. 2-3% of funding's for college has risen and more and more people are not able to go to college for the overall cost of it. Mainly the people who want to go to college to finish their education, are the ones who can’t afford it. I don’t think it is fair to the people who want to go but can't because the costs are too high. I think that college tuition should not be so expensive and shall be lowered, it causes a problem that should be fixed. If the government wants money they shouldn't raise the cost of college because people aren’t gonna be able to afford it, which means the government isn’t gonna get as much money, the problem has a point. I wanted to bring this topic up because it's important. I'm only in middle school but after high school, I want to go to college. I graduate in 2021 and by then the cost of college costs could be even higher, especially depending on where I go. That's why I wanted to bring to your attention that cost should be lowered, now. I would say to reduce the cost of what has been risen, or at least give people who are less fortunate a scholarship. My overall claim is that people need to support college. People need to have the chance for college. For the people who don’t want to go to college they at least need to have a chance too. I believe that everybody would be much more successful in college if they could afford it and so Mr. President I would like if you could do something about it. Sincerely, Remington King