Claudia C. Michigan

America's Broken Election

I'm taking a big risk writing this. But ever since I saw the election process it has been haunting me, I couldn't ignore it. How did America become so blind?

Dear Future President,

I'll be honest. I don't think you're reading this. I'm a 9th grader without a vote, not even in four years. I will turn 18 a week after the election in 2020, so I will be unable to vote until 2024. Most people would cast away my opinion, purely because I'm a child, even though my demographic is the future of the country. I'll write this letter, despite my age, hoping there is a small chance that you are reading this for help. Looking to the future, I believe the next President will need it.

Here's the thing. I'm scared. I'm scared for this country, I'm scared for my life. In the 1700's, when this country was being created, leaders sat down and compromised. Not everyone in that room agreed, yet they still managed to bring the American people together. Now, how did that work? I'm scared because, it's obvious that this country's leaders have changed. Long gone are the passionate yet civil debates where the candidates show what they will do for the country. Today, I see mudslinging events where our potential President demeans their opponent and shows the American people what their opponent won't do. It's immature. It's not informative. That's coming from a ninth grader.

The election of 1800. Alexander Hamilton had a choice. People would listen to him if he told them who to vote for. Would it be Aaron Burr or Thomas Jefferson? (or John Adams, but no one liked him.) If you don't know this history, Jefferson and Hamilton hated each other. They had very different views on how to run the country. But Aaron Burr.... well he wasn't a very good politician or person in that sense. After long consideration and not just one musical number later. Alexander decided, he would votes for Thomas Jefferson.

There is a reason people are voting for certain candidates. That's what benefits them. The way that a leader would run the country is what will help them. So I ask you... What will you do for the opposite party? George Washington didn't have a party. People loved him. In fact, they wanted him to be their king. Humble, humble Washington said no, but how on earth did the people love him that much they wanted him to rule for as long as he lived?

I'm a 9th grader. I have never been to a debate that could decide the fate of our country. I have never and will never have the chance to ask you a question that would really make you think. So I have taken this into deep consideration. I am no longer writing this purely because I have to. I NEED to. What words can I say? What things can I show? What hits the heart and mind the hardest? Many of the other kids in my class decided to focus on actual issues. Things that need focusing on. Yes, I am demeaning my own topic. But after watching this election roll out and really paying attention... I decided this was the most important thing I could say. Pay attention to the other 50%.

To whoever is actually reading this, whether a student looking at examples for their own letters, a poor assistant being forced to read these letters instead of the president, or my teacher, I hope I have made you think. I hope that these words that form sentences have a certain meaning to you. Whether they are worth a F or A+, I hope that I have made you consider the broken path that is known as the American Election process.


Claudia Curcione