CalebZ Missouri

The second amendment

The second amendment supports the right to own a weapon. I think this is very necessary for self defense.

I support the second amendment because all humans should be able to defend themselves. Say someone came into your house with a gun and the police wouldn't get there in time. Wouldn't it be helpful to own a gun? 

Guns not only make people more safe they make them feel safe also. According to Males and females feel safer if they own a gun in their house.  White, Black, Hispanic, and other races also feel safer when there is a gun present inside the home.

I Myself feel that lots more crime can be prevented if the second amendment stands. Also it wouldn't do a thing against terrorists. They're already breaking the law, why does it matter if they break another. According to Marco Rubio (A dropped out Presidential candidate) "Current gun control proposals being discussed by Washington Democrats – by the admission of their own authors – would not have stopped the tragedies in Newtown or Aurora." 

Thank you for taking my letter into consideration,

Caleb Z

Bode Middle School

3rd Hour

Ms. Clark's 3rd Hour

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