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NASA is not funded enough by the government

NASA does not get enough money from the government to learn about our world. They only had major funding in the sixties when the government was interested.

Dear Future President,

N.A.S.A. is the well known national space program that has accomplished many great things for mankind but a recent statistic shows that they get less than 1 percent of the government's funding. “They currently make less than 1% of the Government's fund NASA employees and scientists and maybe even everyone else because with climate change currently going on we all can be affected if NASA didn't have the money to figure out why. I believe NASA should be funded more because with new issues like global warming, new stars, and climate change, we need NASA to look into problems like this and conduct research on these issues. Also because our government only really seems to fund it when they have an interest.

I believe N.A.S.A. is a great program and has achieved a lot, and they deserve more funding so they can do more for the world. First off, NASA has done amazing things with funding in the past but the government doesn't give them the money to do these things anymore. Important missions like those to Mars and Venus will take a lot longer without the money they could have if the government stepped up a bit. “The government has given over 30% in funds to military and less than 1% to NASA” (Will, 1). We need to know about other planets as much as we can so we can know if we could ever try to live there. Secondly, the government does fund NASA but back when it was the race too the moon NASA got way more funding. This was most likely because the U.S. government was interested in the moon that's why they funded it. “NASA mainly got to the moon because they didn't want the USSR which was communist to beat them” (Will, 1). This is why NASA deserves more funding and why they might not get enough.

As a counterclaim maybe the government funds the military way more because of new terrorist threats rights now like iISIS, therefore they are not as focused on NASA as they could be. The government is more focused on the military and keeping us safe than the space program. “People all around the world living in fear due to fact that terrorists are a concerning problem to them and their countries affecting their safety” (Lombardi, 1). This matters because we should live in a country where people don't have to worry about terrorist threats, but we also need to fund space programming. There should be a balance.

I believe the president should make the funding over 5 percent so maybe we can do things like be the first to Mars or stop climate change. I think this is most connected to the Climate Change goal from the UN because NASA knows a lot about the earth and its climate. This connects to the UN's initiative because it helps show how we care about the world's climate and fixing other nations problems. If we don't fix this now we will be in deep trouble later and it will cost much more to fix. Here is a visual on how NASA's funding has been over its lifespan.




scincerely Logan Blanke

 I chose this one because it directly illustrates how nasa's funding has really declined over the years and how it also shows it was over 5% when in the sixties they were

Becoming the first to the moon.

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