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College Tuition

What is a common theme you see among what parents, coaches, teachers, and other adults who care about you? Easy, they all want to see you succeed. The recent spike in college tuition completely diminishes the right and want for young people to do just that.

“Education should be a right, not a privilege.” Senator Bernie Sanders

Dear future president,

     Congratulations on becoming the next president of the United States! It's a huge honor, as it is one of the highest a person could have. You made it.

     College tuition has proven a huge issue among young people. There is no debate that everyone who wants to learn should learn. College is optional, which makes it ridiculous that people who want to go to college struggle with student loans. It is said that college is the best experience of your lifetime. Instead, it ends up being a living hell for millennials. Though I excercize these beliefs, that doesn't mean I fully agree with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's plan. They are suggesting free community college tuition. Though I agree that this is present in a multitude of other countries and should be in the United States, this is a drastic change in the economy. It is one thing to make college affordable, it's another to make challenging courses that teachers work hard on free.

“A college education is now the second-largest expense an individual is likely to make in a lifetime.” Huffington Post

     Student loans are huge weight on the economy itself. Student loan debt is the 2nd highest form of debt in the United States. The first is mortgages. So that 19.5 trillion dollars in US debt that those candidates keep ranting about? Well, a good amount of it comes from student loans. 

Sincerely, Francine.