Jerelle B. Montana

College Tuition

Is it okay for students dropout of college because of the fact that they can't afford to pay for school anymore?


Dear madam or sir, there are a lot of kids that aren’t going to college, not because they don’t want to, but mostly due to the fact that it’s just too expensive. As a senior in high school, thats a big problem for me because of the fact college is just around the corner. Tuition fees for division one colleges are outrageous, everyone wants to go to a good school, but is it worth being in debt afterwards? This country's youth is the future of this nation. As president, you should look into this problem and find a solution to help lower tuition and help those who don’t get financial aid.

Parents that have been let go or are facing foreclosure and are having a tough time helping their children through college (college atlas). 60% of dropout students had no help from their parents in paying for their tuition (college atlas). Also 30% dropped out after their first year (college atlas). The main problem is how expensive tuition fees are for everyone ranging from in-state students, to out of state students, and also students from out of the country. Another issue for college graduates is debt. Even though there’s a six month grace period, students will soon have to pay back all the money they owe to the college they attended (Wordpress). Throughout college students get discouraged to continue because of the cost of tuition is increasing and so is their student debt. Most students are smart enough to pass classes and some have the capability to become valedictorian of their graduating classes but don’t have the funds to stay in college.

Education is the main priority of all students, but how can they be focused on school and passing classes if their more focused about budgeting their money and more worried about going into debt. Most schools offer student loans and scholarships which is a good thing, and probably the best thing about college. But the fact that it only helps so much compared to tuition fees and dorm expenses depending on where you’re going to college keep in mind people also have to pay for out of state tuition.

Finally i believe that college tuitions should be either lowered or just eliminated all together. It doesn’t really help anyone or benefit students by raising college tuition. And yes, maybe they get new dorms, or better classrooms but in the end, when your done with college and make your way towards your new career. You will a have tremendous amount of debt from college that you will have to pay back for quite sometime or maybe even the rest of your life? Depending on how you deal with it.


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