Colin C. Montana

A Letter About Racism

In the lifetime this country has had there has been racism and here is how I think it can be stop

Dear Mr/Mrs President

The issue I’m trying to bring to your attention today is racism and racism has become such a big topic within the last year with the killings of innocent African Americans by the law enforcement and even just people calling others racial slurs when they had no reason to they just did it out of pure hate of the other race. In the other sentence I said they didn’t have a reason to say racial slurs I don’t think there is a reason at all to call any race any slurs and I feel like these stereotypes that people are putting on others  were wrongly educated through parents, media, or even the school system. In the media we see the riots going on for example the ones that happened in Ferguson the media portrays the rioters to be all African American because that’s what the video shows they never try to show the one white guy in the riots because they try and make these people of a particular race look bad when really it was a mixed variety of races maybe the majority might be of a particular race but that still doesn't give anybody the right to just make a stereotype. 

The only solution I see to racism is that we need to educate everyone properly about the races and need to stop these bad stereotypes. I guess the only thing I have to close this out is to express my feelings about this whole problem and I was raised to be respectful to everyone even if they bully you and I lived on the south side of Billings, M.T where a lot of bullies go to school and me being an obese white kid I taught myself to not hate any other race and I came to grow up as a respectful 15 year old i’m saying that not with a big ego but with the pride of all the compliments I get for being so respectful to my peers and teachers.


Colin .C