Brydon O. Montana

The U.S. Debt

That we need to start taking a step to fix the debt. We keep falling farther into debt each day and no one wants to take a stand to take a step to fix the debt.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. president

In the United States of America we buy things that we don’t need and we fall further into debt and nobody what’s to take the time to fix this issue. The president needs to take the time to come up with a plan to stop us from going farther into debt.

The presidents in the past have tried very little to fix this issue there were a few that tried harder than others. We don’t need to always buy things from other countries that is how we fall into debt in the first place and we make most of the things we buy from other countries. We need to start using things that are made in America because we make a lot of things that other countries have too. We can’t afford to fall farther into debt then we already have people don’t always buy stuff that they know they can’t afford so why should the government get to. They should only get to buy things that they have money for and so then we won’t fall farther into debt. We don’t need to build things all the time for the government that is how we also fall farther into debt and the buildings that are older should be remodeled to make them look nicer instead of building new all the time.

To fix this issue first we need a president to commit to taking time to fix this issue. Then we have to start by looking where all the money goes and if it’s a big cost then we look how to fix that one and start bringing down the debt little by little. Then we don’t build the best of the best just to say that we have the best of the best. People need to understand that we need to get the debt under control so we can get rid of it and move on. The government does not need the nicest cars the best offices the best everything they need a place to work and a car. That will help eliminate the debt. We should not buy oil from other countries we have oil here in the United States of America and we should use ours rather than buying there’s.

We can start to fix this issue so it does not get passed down to other generations. This issue should have never got this way but since it did we have to come up with a way to fix it.


Brydon O.    

Billings Public Library

TB - Billings, MT

TB - Billings, MT

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