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Nuclear Weapons by Caden b

How the President can fix Nuclear weapons and some ideas how he can do that.

Caden, b



Nuclear weapons

Dear Mr. President,

         One issue that I would like to see you fix is Nuclear Weapons. One reason I would like you to fix Nuclear weapons is so that nobody could use them in the war in Syria because they create a lot of damage. Some Things that make me upset me are that people are dying in Syria because of nuclear weapons. Here are some examples of why it needs to be changed.” On February 15 2001 : According to ’http://www. global issues. org/issue/67/nuclear-weapons’’

        After a steam generator ruptured in New York’s Indian Point II power plant, a small amount of radioactive steam was leaked, but not enough to threaten the safety of the public”. I think that would be scary to have radioactive leak because if that got in the ocean it would kill all the fish and animals.

      ‘’On August 12: The Kursk, Russia’s Northern Fleet nuclear submarine, sank into 354 feet of water while completing exercises in the Barents Sea, 118 sailors aboard, after a torpedo exploded on board. They found cover waiting to be rescued.

         Those are some examples of issues of nuclear weapons and I feel I may have a solution to fix it. Maybe we could send people like the army and see if we can destroy all nuclear weapons. Or find the people who make them and put them in prison or tell to quit or you would put them in prison. Another option would be to hire some hackers to deactivate the nuclear weapons once they have been released. We could find the people and have them deactivate themselves and then but them in prison. I found a  video that was excellent because it explains what nuclear weapons has done and the power of them i think this video ads more about what i am talking about. Here is the link were i got it  . In conclusion those are some examples why nuclear weapons need to stop.


Caden B

Here is the website I got my info from ‘’http://www. global issues. org/issue/67/nuclear-weapons’’