charlize y. Montana

Education Bills

education and why we have to pay to learn

Dear Future President,

I think that college funds should be lowered, 83% of Americans say that they cannot afford college and i think this is an issue For the people who are trying to go to college.

Let's say that there is a small child that grows into a young adult trying to pursue his/her dream and so that person think they have enuff money to start off, graduation year there having a hard time with bills and other things and steel need to pay for their schooling and it follows them so they drop out. There might not be another doctor, lawyer, scientist, and even a teacher to help another child succeed in the future I mean there wonโ€™t be no future or will there.

This is all happening because people are having a hard time trying to pay bills help their families and even go to school but they can't because of how high the fund is and depending on how high the bill is for rent and the electricity don't forget the taxes for a job how much you make they take half of what you got away!

I think that we could make a change to this and lowering the funds for college so that everyone will have a good life and even in the future no one would ever have to worry about anything education is all that the people need without it where no one and nothing.

I just hope that you could understand that the people only need education and that lowering the school fund would help a lot of Americans reach their dreams.

Charlize Y.

Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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