Dakota C. Montana


People do not want to work at all.They just want to be lazy.

Dear Future President,

I am only fifteen years old and I am writing about unemployment is not right because there are people on the streets with signs asking for money and not even trying to get a job and just trying to say that they're just not fit or lazy to get a job or even apply to get a job and never applied their self to anything at all.

The symptoms of the problem is that when they’re teenagers they didn’t think about a job until they got out on their own and figured that they need money. But then they thought that their family would give them money but they’re wrong.

Well I think that they all know that their parents will just pay for everything or they don’t try and lie to the state, to get money because they need it really bad.

The most recent percentage of people not working is 5 percent of the U.S. which is better than 2009 through 2011 which is a lot better.

If the president helps they can make standing on corners or getting money without trying to get a job should be a fine or they go to jail ,for not trying to get employed by any of the places that are hiring.

Finally everyone should get a job if it’s not a good one it’s still a job and every one that is being lazy in their life, they should get up and find a job to help out their family and show their kids that they are really trying to do something with their life, and it show’s how to raise your kids to get a job in their life.


Dakota C


Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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