Tayler Montana


My letter talks about the topic abortion, how it can harm the mother, and ways to solve the problem.

Dear Future President,

Although there are many problems in the United States, I think abortion is one that should be took in consideration. Abortion is wrong in so many ways for example it, is like taking your life when you have so much more to accomplish. I feel there are so many more ways to, go than abortion.

Abortion does not only kill the baby, but it also can harm the mother.It can damage the mothers cervix and cause an infection. The mother after wards can suffer from anxiety, depression, and many more things that effect your mental health.It not only harms the mother but, it can harm the baby that you want to have later.The things that it can do to the planned pregnancies, it can cause birth defectes and cost more for medical bills.This is not all but some of the effects that abortian can cause on mothers and later planned pregnancies.

Abortion is caused by many reasons but we can not fix all of them we can, fix every ones knowledge on being pregnant and how to be safe.We can fix the knowledge they have about it by teaching more details, on the effects and problems it can have and cause.I think that if everyone had more knowledge on this subject it would happen a lot less than it does.

More teens are having abortions than adults.There is two types of abortion there is a medical way or there is the surgical way.There is 40% of woman going and aborting a baby.This is some more facts about abortion.

There are many ways to help the amount of abortion that are happening.One way is to give more education on being a parent. Another way is to make abortion a longer process to, be able to go through with it. This is some of the ways to fix the problem with abortion.

As you can see I believe that abortion is a problem. I feel that if god did not want the child he would not have created the child in the first place.abortion is like if your parents all of a sudden did not want you som they will just get rid of you. This is everything from how i feel about abortion and how it can harm the mother.


Tayler T., 14


Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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