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Conditions In Homeless Shelter

Conditions in homeless shelters are completely inhumane, and we need to make shelters more appealing, to take people off of streets, into environments that they would benefit from.

Dear future president,

Poverty is an incredible problem all over the world, especially in America. Often times, people see a family or a person on the street and wonder why they do not take the opportunity of shelters that America has provided for them. But really, the streets are safer than the shelters for most people.

First of all, shelters are, in vague terms, "plain nasty." Bug infestation, and mold is an enormous problems in the shelters. Often small children develop rashes from the unhealthy environment. This is simply not right.

In addition, people are forced into group activities that they do not identify with. In one shelter in Indiana, people are forced into a Christian support group, not taking other religious groups into consideration.

And lastly, old people,mothers, and small children, can face rape and terrible treatment from others living with them.

This needs fixing.