Brandon I. Georgia


The people that live on the streets should be helped.

Dear future president,

Have you ever thought at night that there are people in your city that are sleeping outside? Not because they are camping it is because they are homeless. There are too many people these days that are homeless. You could help them by getting shelters for them, provide food, and have a schedule for the people that are in the shelter. Also if u read this you can save millions of people’s lives.

Homeless people in our country should be able to get into a shelter if they need to. These days there are around one to two million homeless people in our country. The money should come out of the taxes that the people already pay. Also the only problem is that some people will take advantage of the free housing and stay there the rest of their life. So if you see that you can kick them out if they aren’t going anywhere to work. It should be like collage after you get out of the shelter you have to pay back the money that is used on the people. Also there are not enough homeless shelters in our country so, you could build some more for them.

Another thing is that they could get food provided by the government. Yes I know that they already do but it is only around Thanksgiving and Christmas. They could provide food every week. Like, one night is pizza and the other nights are canned food. Also, they don’t have to get the best food they could get cheap canned food. It also should be healthy for them. The only reason is that if it isn’t healthy for them it won’t give them enough energy to go work.

Last, you could set up a schedule for them. Like, you make them get up at a certain time so they can go work. Then there is a certain time for them to get there breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also they can have a certain time for them to be back from work and when the lights go out.

So future president are u going to be the best and help the homeless or are you going to let the numbers keep rising. It is up to you to make our country again. Also the main reasons are that they have low job skills, single parenting, substance abuse, mental illness, and moral deviance.Also do you want to keep seeing the people on the streets with all their clothes and blankets in a shopping cart?

Sincerely, Brandon I.